Catching Fire (Acoustic)

by Patty PerShayla

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This song is based off Catching Fire, the second installment of The Hunger Games, and it's from Katniss Everdeen's perspective.


People drop like flies, let not their manners disrupt your fun
Go on and dance around like you’ve always done at the Capitol
Painted faces, so colorful they almost look like
Vomit, induced by your delicate wine
As children starve in the Seam

*Oh, I’m on fire
Slowly making my way through hell
Making my way through the Quell
Oh, I’m never coming back now
Oh, I’m gonna make a mess somehow
I’ve gotta make a mess somehow*

It’s hard when nobody’s really on your side
No one even knows that there’s sides to choose from
Why aren’t they listening?
I’d rather die than be used as the Capitol’s weapon
Sometimes I feel like another muttation
Bred within the fences, a mistake and


~They set the districts on fire
And watched everyone burn
For their entertainment
But the joke’s on them
We’ll ignite
Put up a fight
And show ‘em what we’re made of~

##I never thought that I'd make it out alive
But our heats beat louder than the cannons tonight
If the odds are in our favor for once
Peeta, Peeta, Peeta##

**Oh, we're on fire
Slowly making our way through hell
Making our way through the Quell
Oh, we're coming back now
Oh, gonna make a mess somehow
We've gotta make a mess for them somehow**


released May 27, 2012
Written by Patricia Pierzchala and Mackenzie Bush



all rights reserved


Patty PerShayla Grand Rapids, Michigan

Patty PerShayla is a singer-songwriter from Grand Rapids, Michigan whose musical endeavors landed her somewhere in the realm of acoustic metal. She is known for her powerful voice, her unapologetic lyrics, and her ukulele renditions of heavy metal songs. ... more

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